Troute Twins Update!  We had another ultrasound (4-2-04) – this one only lasted an hour and the tech was SO much nicer and better than the last one.  It was actually enjoyable!!

The babies are doing GREAT – measuring at 26 weeks, 1 day and I’m “technically” only 25 weeks 4 days along (hey – every little bit counts, right?).  Baby A is 2lbs 2oz and Baby B is an even 2lbs.  :o)  they’re kind of in “yin and yang” position now – so cool to finally get a visual on how they’re positioned.  Baby A is still the more active of the two – it’s feet are right up at my right rib cage, head down by my bladder and Baby B’s head is just above my belly button and feet are down at my left hip.  :o)  I can’t stop smiling, can you tell!!?

At one point we were able to get face-to-face with Baby B... It was yawning and touching its face cute little lips and nose and chin... I got all teary, Reese grabbed my hand what a moment!! Baby A was facing my back so we didnt get to see its face bummer! Stubborn little thing! Maybe well see its face at next months ultrasound were supposed to have one each month that remains... Yay!

33 week update:
Babies are growing strong and Mommy’s getting BIG!!  Work has slowed down substantially – mostly because my mobility is limited and we’re being extra cautious of contractions and I’m trying to stay off my feet as much as possible.  The last ultrasound (May 4) confirmed that babies are around 4lbs each and measuring ahead of schedule!!  We didn’t get any cute pics from that appointment – mostly measuring heads, bellies and limbs for growth – all looks great!!  Both kids are now head-down, jockeying for position of who will come out first!
We took the tape-measure picture three weeks ago and I measured about 43 inches around… at 33 weeks, I’m over 170 lbs and the circumference is 44”!! Throw a tape measure around yourself and see how big that is!!  Anybody wanna place bets on how big I’ll get by delivery?
We’re hoping to reach 37 weeks, with the big arrival in mid June… fingers crossed for full term (37 weeks for twins) babies!!

20 Weeks